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Our Fitting Process

We are a running and walking shoe store offering a custom fit process involving a free video and scan analysis of your gait

Classic City Running in Buford, GA has one main goal in mind – to enhance your running, walking and fitness experience by properly fitting you in the correct shoes for your gait cycle and foot type. Whether walking or running, being fit in the proper pair of shoes will reduce your chance of injury and create a better walking and running experience.

Our process is quick, painless and most importantly informative!  Please bring your current running shoes with you if possible.  We can gain further information by checking out what you have been using.

Step 1 - We will walk you through a 360 degree foot scan using our state-of-the-art Albert foot scanner.  Your feet will be surrounded by 18 cameras and over 5,000 sensors collecting real time data about your feet.

Step 2 - We use an ipad based video gait analysis system to help us understand your gait cycle. With this setup we can view, frame by frame, video of your stride through the gait cycle. This helps us to recommend the best footwear choices for you based on your rate of pronation and foot-type while letting you view the footage as well.

Step 3 - We will fit you in the proper shoe size as well as offer a selection of shoes from various brands. You will then have the opportunity to take the shoes on a test run/walk on the treadmill, throughout the store or on the sidewalk. We offer a variety of brands that cover the spectrum of fit and degree of stability (neutral, support and control). Overall, this step makes it easier for you to understand why you would need one particular style/model over another.​

Step 4 - We will listen to your feedback after the test ride. Our discussion will move to specifics such as your fit preferences, your opinion on feel and the overall ride. Then, we work together to help you select the shoe that enhances your running or walking experience the most.


When you leave the store, we want you to feel like you received the best fit possible and learned more about yourself in the process.  Our analysis is informative, easy and FREE!

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